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Brussels Eva Kylie hugs her daughter in prison. Lawyer’s rush: “The plaintiff took advantage of the child against her”

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Former Vice President of the European Parliament Eva Kylie He was able to see his daughter again today, by his partner Francesco GiorgiFor the first time since his arrest last year December 10th. The 22-month-old girl was able to visit her mother in prison Harenin Brussels, where she is being held on charges corruption And the criminal association For his alleged involvement in the so-called Qatargate. Since then the little girl has been taken to jail maternal grandfatherAlexandros Kaili, who was also detained in recent weeks after being arrested with a bag of money, but released after a few days. This morning in an interview with Corriere della Sera Women’s lawyer Michalis Dimitracopoulosaccused the Brussels prosecutor’s office of using her daughter to put pressure on her mother: “I had the idea that maybe they wouldn’t let her see the child for Click on it to acknowledgeAdmit to doing something. But Ms. Kylie has nothing to confess as she is completely free from any kind of accusation.

Dimitracopoulos says Kylie made other demands. But they all were unacceptable, Officially due to the lack of sufficient staff in the prison during the festive period. She will review the January 22nd session pre-trial detention For the former Vice President of the European Parliament. to the lawyer defense line Clear: «We will repeat that Mrs. Kylie was of no service Qatar. I followed the political line set by the European centrists Charles Michel And from Ursula von der Leyen. He never received a single euro from Qatar.” And the money in the bags? He made it clear to the judge that he was aware of an order Capital Just at the time his partner was Francesco Giorgi Arrested. This made her panic. So she called her father and told him to go to her apartment and take the girl’s bag and her bag baby bottle. He didn’t know anything about the contents of the bag because he didn’t open it and didn’t imagine there was any money in it.

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