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Brothers in Space: The manga will end soon

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According to the official newsletter, the manga series created by Chūya Koyama is coming to an end, Brothers in Space. Remember, the manga is published in Italy by Star Comics.

Brothers in Space: The manga will end soon, to say it’s the writer Chuya Koyama

The call was made a few days ago, and it can only be true if it comes from the official channel directly. In the newsletter, a short message from the author said only that Space Brothers had entered its final phase, and Closing is scheduled to take place “soon”.. Apparently, Koyama managed to keep his promise: already in January, the author announced that he was going to start inLatest story later this year. And even then, it wasn’t the first time the manga had dealt with the matter: he had already announced in December 2017 that the manga was directed towards his “last take”:

I don’t know how many years [il manga] It will continue, but the last shot is coming. It might be a long last shot, but I appreciate the support going forward.

born in 2007Space Brothers made them first appearance in the journal morning It currently has forty-one volumes (the last one dates back to May 23rd), while the forty-second volume is expected on December 22nd. Known on our peninsula as Uchu Kyodai Brothers in spaceto me39 volumes are currently published in Italy.

And over the years there was me Awards: In the 2011 The manga won the award as Best manga in the general category Both at the 56th Shogakukan Manga Awards and 35th Kodansha Manga Awards.

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The manga inspired asAiri tv animereleased between 2012 and 2014, and also Live action movie 2012 with Shun Oguri and Masaaki Okada. Not only that, the 29th volume of the manga included a special DVD version of the anime film Space Brothers #0 (Uchū Kyōdai #0), which was released in theaters in Japan in August 2014.

In short, we are facing A classic bittersweet moment: Fans will finally know the final fate of the Hibito and Muta brothers, but at the same time they will have to say goodbye.

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