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Brand new Telegram: a torrent of news with the latest update

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Many innovations Telegram introduced with the new update that is already being distributed on Android, iOS and desktop devices

cable The saying “spring cleaning”, dust removal has revolutionized – it must be said – the instant messaging application with important functions that touch practically all the main functions of the platform. classic Update At the beginning of the year (or around) it thus turns into a favorable opportunity to dive into the properties cable And improvements – some of which users are very much anticipating – will allow Pavel Durov’s app to get closer to its competitor The WhatsApp.

Lots of news with the new Telegram update (Image from the Telegram blog)

Hard to index files Telegram news Due to the huge amount of ads accompanying the new update, but let’s try. Let’s start first with a seemingly small change but with a practical impact that should not be underestimated: the app will allow it Convert any sound at notification tone, which gives users the opportunity to create custom alerts for any chat. You can then use bits of your own music or even melodies from memes for any conversation: just touch a short audio file or a voice message in the chat to add it to the list of notification sounds.

The Telegram Notification Ringtones It can be accessed by entering the settings and scrolling to the item “Notifications and sounds”: in this section you can set custom tones for individual conversations, in order to find out which contact or group previously received a new message. Pay attention to one precaution: Ringtones support files with a maximum size of 300KB, audio files and voice messages for a maximum of 5 seconds.

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Another novelty of cable is related self-elimination In Profiles, whose new menu will allow quick access to the function as well as support for now improved timer settings. The messaging app has also decided to extend Replies previews Even when forwarding messages in other chats, enhancing one of the features that is more appreciated by users.

Telegram, the new update has revolutionized bots

New update telegram
Important changes to Telegram bots (Image via Telegram Blog)

The New telegram update It also suggests important changes to bot. Bot developers will already be at their disposal New tools To create more flexible interfaces using JavaScript. According to the development team, with the new feature, Telegram bots will be able to completely replace any website. Moreover, the same bots can be set as Officialswhile giving them exclusive permissions within chats and groups. cable However, he specified that bots can only be added to channels as admins, while for groups there will be more scope for selection (members or admins).

The platform then announced a new feature dedicated to Telegram for iOS, with special reference to in-app translation. In fact, the developers have improved this feature by introducing new languages ​​and improving the quality of translation. Top AndroidOn the other hand, the Pictures in Picturesto improve a feature that is more appreciated by users.

Finally, the minor changes relate to the new animations in the Settings interface and new animated emojis.

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