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Bradley Cooper in Italy for the new movie as director

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The Unstoppable Bradley Cooper: After the director’s debut A star is bornAnd The actor is back behind the camera for the movie bandleader artist. A great joy for the Italian fans: the shooting will take place in Italy starting in May. The project, from Netflix, is leading the 47-year-old to try his hand at another massive undertaking, following the efforts of the last project illusions gallery.

He’s recently inundated the press with statements about the difficulty of filming the first nude in his career to completely disappoint fans. Regardless of the actor’s performance, Cooper confessed to fellow Academy Award winner Mahishala Ali about his plans during the chat. actors in actors From diverse. «As a child I always wanted to be the conductor of an orchestra. I was so obsessed with it that I asked Santa for a wand when I was eight. I listened to music, fell in love with the musical notes and was able to identify every segment of a piece, for example Tchaikovsky’s Opera 35 in D major, in a violin concerto. I knew everything perfectly even if, of course, I was not really familiar with the language of music.”

The biographical film based on musician and conductor Leonard Bernstein caught Steven Spielberg’s attention immediately That he wanted Cooper to star in the title role, but he was in the middle of making a star who was born at the time and turned down the offer, was as tempting as it was. But he asked him, ‘I’ve always thought I could play a similar role, but can I do some research to see if I can write the story and direct it? Will you let me do that? ». The answer was clearly in the affirmative, give him some time and give him the project and Cooper has been dedicated to her for over four and a half years. But not before he saw part of a star montage: Spielberg showed the scene where Jackson and Allie sing hollow And at that moment, she won her father’s heart ET. , who was entrusted with the project without reservation.

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He’ll be there next to him in the group Carey Mulligan, reduce da promising woman (The gem that got her one step away from the Oscars), Jeremy Strong (Succession).

Before engaging in this new adventure, Cooper wanted an epic adaptation Paradise Lost by John Milton: He not only wanted to direct the adapted movie but also write it. to The Hollywood ReporterHowever, he admitted that there were two major hurdles that made him give up on it: budget and special effects.

He later revealed that the real career hack came with him American sniper: From that moment he decided that he would not just be an on-demand actor, but would like to create the art himself that would serve him. “I’ve thought about why The directors I like didn’t give me any partsThey have already decided whether I am right or not.” Here, then, is the reason why he decided to follow a story from start to finish on his own terms only.

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