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Borjan (Canada), goalkeeper born in “Serbia” against Croatia-

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from Paolo Tomaselli was sent to Doha

Goalkeeper Milan Borjan is Canada’s leader. Born in Yugoslavia, now part of Croatia, he has a vengeance not only in sports but also on the field.

The gray suit he wore in Edmonton in one of the key races leading up to Qatar Soccer Museum of Canada. of Serbian national flagA return to the World Cup after 36 years is customary to celebrate, but there are no clues, as this is a personal story about when. Milan Borjan
Not yet a goalkeeper-driver for the Canadian Reds Locker room leader.

Canada lost their first match to BelgiumBut that was Borgen’s most anticipated match Tomorrow against Croatia. He Born in Knin (Knin) in 1987, when Yugoslavia was still united: Technically The city was and in CroatiaBut at that time it was a The Serbian majority later became the capital of the Republic of Krajina.

In an interview on the other side of the ocean they asked the goalkeeper who plays for Red Star Born in Croatia, what does it mean to be Serbian and Canadian, he answered: I was born in Serbia, I feel Canadian.. Photos with T-shirts in support of Krajna, scenes of carnage on both sides during the war, made it clear what Borjan’s temperature was when it came to Croatia, the country where his father sold strawberries and the country that started producing goalkeepers.

Modric and his teammates were the favorites, but Canada didn’t deserve to lose to Belgium and face the challenge of a lifetime for their goalkeeper.. Because the balance of power is calculated up to a certain point when the ball touches the heart of the Falcons. The same national flag appeared in the Serbia dressing room on Thursday And on the final day there’s Switzerland-Serbia, a remake of 2018’s bitter rivalry. Shaqiri and Xhaga’s delight-with mockery, to represent the Serbian eagle. There is the Swiss Football Confederation Banned political celebrations. Be nice if you can.

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