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Bonuses and Discounts: What Really Changed in January

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Not many know this, but there are about 80 currently in progress bonus NS Discounts Tax to be revised, confirmed, or eliminated in 2022.

What are the benefits

From beds and rents to healthcare or construction, there are many measures the government launched in 2021 to save a few pennies for Italians or give them back some of the expenses they incurred. The problem, in fact, is that many are not used and that is why Palazzo Chigi is planned to eliminate those who failed in favor of promoting or maintaining the franchises that were more successful.

What remains in 2022

In 2022, all homeland allowances will be confirmed, albeit partially modified. As we have just seen in, the 110% Superbonus is extended until 2023 while for villas and other residential structures, the concession can only be used until December 31, 2022 and with an income not exceeding 25 thousand euros per year. Facade on facades is 90% back in vogue and will drop to 60% next year while ecobonus and sismabonus are confirmed as well for 50% renovations at a maximum cost of €96k per housing unit.

Other home benefits that will also stay in next year are all tax credits on furniture and air conditioning, there’s the water bonus we just wrote about in the newspaper, those for electricity, gas and drinking water, discounts for youth under 36 on the first home and the green bonus. Car concessions: an additional 100 million euros to stimulate the purchase of electric and low-emissions cars. The individual allowance for children has been confirmed, the amount of which will be calculated based on the ISEE and accommodate all incentives related to infants, separated and divorced mothers and fathers. In 2022 there will be scope for incentives to work and permanent employment for those under 36 and over 50.

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TV decoder

With the change of digital terrestrial broadcasting and the gradual dimming of channels, here are the TV and set-top box bonuses with 20% discount on the purchase of TVs with a maximum of €100 (Isee does not count) and €30 also for set-top boxes but with an income of up to €20 thousand. There is always cultural funding in the amount of €500 to spend on cultural products and activities, as mentioned above Laligerotti, as well as the “Teacher’s Charter”, 500 euros for professional update. Point-of-sale discounts until June 30, 2022 thanks to a tax credit of up to 100% instead of 30% for transaction commissions.

What will disappear next year?

However, what doesn’t go away, will disappear on New Year’s Eve: all those bonuses on rent, car seat, babysitter, seniors, scooters, bikes, weddings, sanitation, and shopping. It is still uncertain, because even less than 1% of Italians use the bonuses on the fashion, the historic center, “Donations to amateur associations, cultural and artistic activities of schools; – deduction of health costs for the disabled; Discount for maintenance of guide dogs for the blind; Kindergarten Bonuses“.

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