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Bolzano passes to Val Pusteria home and continues to lead the standings – OA Sport

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Sunday’s ICE Hockey League 2022-2023 still gives Bolzano an important win. In fact, the South Tyroleans won the derby in Val Pusteria and went on to climb to the top of the standings, responding to a Black Wings Lienz win over Klagenfurt.

Val Pusteria Hockey – HCB Alto Adige Alperia 3-5: At Brunico, it was the hosts who broke the deadlock with Jensen who scored after a 10:18 assist from Luchuk. The Wolves advantage only lasts 120 seconds, with Gazley finding par with a pass from McClure. Bolzano does not stop and continues to advance at 17:36 with the same McClure with the help of Halmo, then the goals of Frigo (27:48) and Thomas (34:27) reach the profit 4-1.

Ice hockey, Ice League 2022-2023: Bolzano, Val Pusteria win, Asiago fall

In the most complicated moment, the Gialonieri shook and reduced the difference with Arcambolt 2-4 (40:31) with an Ahl pass, then Andergassen 3-4 in 55:34. Val Pusteria seeks to equalize with all his might, leaves the door free, and 24 seconds after the end, the Foxes closed the score Halmo 5-3.

Black Wings Lines – EC KAC 5-3

Ice hockey league standings 2022-2023

Credit: Fana Antonello

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