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Block someone on WhatsApp without them noticing: Now it’s possible | It really works

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On WhatsApp, it is possible to block someone without them noticing. Here comes a no less unprecedented job: how it will be possible to do it.

The WhatsApp instant messaging application provides many functions to the users. Now an innovative way has also arrived to block people without them noticing. Let’s find out how to apply makeup that few people know about.

The latest new feature on WhatsApp –

WhatsApp is now the undisputed leader in the instant messaging industry. Indoors, every day we are able to have many conversations, even if not all of them are friendly and relaxed. It could easily happen to us Even talking to people we can’t stand, Such as uncomfortable relatives, unsavory friends, and business contacts.

When these contacts start a conversation, we might be tempted to hit the kill switch. But only when we block a contact on WhatsApp, the app will make everything visible to the other user, which creates an even more unpleasant situation. Fortunately, a trick has come up on WhatsApp which can be just right for you. So we’ll find out today How to block a contact without realizing it.

Evidence: WhatsApp, it is possible to block a contact without the other user noticing

Who has never been disturbed by a contact on their WhatsApp profile. Especially when jamming is the order of the day and there is more than one, the urge to block such mobile numbers can arise, nipping them in the bud. With this action, the app will make it clear to the other user that it has been blocked. Be careful because it’s not the end of the world. So let’s find out how to block a contact without them realizing it.

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WhatsApp block the contact
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To block a contact traditionally on WhatsApp, the steps are easy to do. Simply touch the three dots at the top left, then touch More and finally Block. Here we will also find a “Report” button to be used in case of incorrect behavior by the other user. Blocking is one of the most recommended measures against unknown contacts, scammers, and reviewers. However, this action must be hidden when we try to perform it against a contact we know well.

In this case, you’ll need to use a combination of ‘archive’ and ‘silence’. By doing this, you will not receive any notification, nor will you hear a sound from the contact to disturb you. Activating the archive is as easy as blocking one person, except that the other user will not be notified of this action. The same goes for “The Silence,” which will remain a work we will only be able to see. By doing this, you will be able to block a contact without them realizing.

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