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Bike from Canada to Mexico: More than 4,400 kilometers from Breton-born Bettinsoli to Ido

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Four thousand four hundred kilometers of effort and solidarity, “In favor of those who are less fortunate than me, traveling the world by bike“. To Luca BettinsoliBorn in 1980, Waltrampino de Bovegno, the long-awaited moment has arrived.

After a two-year postponement due to infection, Today he is flying on a flight to Canada to take part in it Tour DwightThis is the longest and toughest mountain bike trail in the world The Continental Divide winds 4,418 kilometers, The imaginary line that divides North America between the rivers that flow into the Atlantic Ocean and the rivers that flow into the Pacific Ocean. From Canada to Mexico, from Rooseville to El Berndo.

“After participating in intense competitions in Finland and Alaska – Luca tells us while packing the bike in his home garage – I decided to finish with a boom with the tough tour divide of this type of competition. I have been an Aido card holder for many years – He continues – And I decided to combine fundraising with this company in support of the Fresia section of the association.

Luca is due out in June 2020, a dramatic year in which the world was engulfed by the corona virus. The first departure was postponed a year after the tour was canceled. The good news is that fundraising has continued in recent months. “We reached five thousand euros, it became ten thousand, already handed over to the association – Luca adds -. The goal now is to make as many people as possible aware of the importance of organ donation.

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During these 48 months Luca continued to train His carbon bike, without shock absorbers or gears, Starting from home and traveling across the length and breadth of its mountains, must be ready to climb the 60,000-meter altitude that awaits him in the states. “I had more time to refine my product – he says – and the single-speed bike was a convenient choice.” Usually 10% of participants finish the race, for a total of two hundred brave ones on average.

Luca has been an Ido member for many years: now he has started a new fundraiser – ©

And most will stop for joint problems. “Without gears – Luke argues – I listen to my body and stop when needed, I will not constantly step on some gear. It will be a self-sufficient race, with a sleeping bag, spare clothes and tools on board. “I’m going to buy food along the way – he’s finished. I hope it’s over in twenty days, but the important thing for me is to go all the way to the end and finish the race.