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Biden is now considering sending offensive weapons to Kiev-

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US intelligence will collect evidence on the ground for the indictment of Putin by cooperating with the secret services of other countries

from our reporter
Washington – White House Working on Three fronts.

Let’s start with the least obvious, but perhaps the most important in the short term for the fate of the war. Joe BidenYesterday, Monday, April 4th, he mentioned it as if in passing: We will send more weapons to Ukraine.

The scenario envisioned by the Pentagonand not only that, it now looks set (Read real-time updates here). Putin’s army will intensify its efforts in southeast of the country, although disruptions continued in Kyiv and other cities. The Ukrainian army was firmly deployed in an enclave bordered on the west by the city of Dnipro, on the east by Kharkiv and on the south by Donbass. In recent days, US intelligence has let the US media know to expect Pincer maneuver by the Russians, with troops arriving from the north and exiting from the south. Targeting: Encirclement and destruction of the Ukrainian formations. there Impact strength The Russians will be strong: According to the Pentagon, they will be strong In the field are no less than 600 tanks and more than 3,000 armored vehicles.

Does Zelensky’s army have the means to resist and thwart the maneuver, as happened north of the capital?
Here the administration is silent, but for some analysts the answer is no.

Javelin anti-tank missiles or Stinger anti-aircraft missiles may not be enough. Here’s why Zelensky insists: We need planes, tanks, heavy artillery and other drones. So far, Biden has given the green light only to the delivery of Soviet-made tanks. But not enough. The US President will now have to decide whether to do this exceed the limit I have complied with so far: No offer offensive weapons To avoid the risks of direct US and NATO intervention. In the evening, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby cast his vote: We must redouble our efforts to help the Ukrainians militarily and we must be very flexible.

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The second front is penalties. National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, She announced that the United States was working closely with the Europeans. He also mentioned that there will be an announcement during the week. In this case, however, the Americans are waiting Result of the discussion between EU partners On The main issue of the energy export ban Russian, whether it’s coal, oil, or probably gas.

Finally, the investigation of war crimes in Bucha. Sullivan himself explained how the United States would proceed to get there on the indictment Vladimir Putin for war crimes. Sullivan noted that at the moment there are no reasons to talk about genocide. But he made it clear that the US government would follow a four-step path.

Firstly: US intelligence will collect evidence on the groundcooperation with the secret services of other countries. Sullivan did not mention the names, but the main reference to Great Britain.
Second, the information will be compared with that collected by the Ukrainians.
Third: All materials will be shared with NGOs already operating and with the United Nations.
Fourth: Drawing on videos and films broadcast by the media or published on social networking sites. Sullivan concluded by saying: The United States government will agree with allies on which institution will transfer the file complaint.

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