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Betting on football, Fabrizio Corona angers Nicolo Casale. Lawyer: “Let’s sue.”

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The issue of football betting is becoming increasingly heated. Fabrizio Corona, after being hosted at Avanti Popolo by Nunzia De Girolamo, is intercepted by Striscia la Notizia. In front of Valerio Staveli, the former King of the Paparazzi spoke about the new players involved in the investigation conducted by the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office, citing Niccolò Casale, a Lazio footballer. “He has never bet on a sporting competition and has always devoted his life solely to competitive commitment: however, unfounded and slanderous accusations have been circulating regarding his involvement in the investigation related to betting in the world of football,” he declared, in a statement. Noticed the lawyer Guido Forgeuel, the footballer’s lawyer. This morning, Striscia la Notizia reviewed the contents of the interview on its website, which was broadcast this evening. «Given his complete lack of involvement in the investigation, the facts to which he refers, and the seriousness of the accusations against him – adds lawyer Guido Forgiuel in a note – we will file a complaint and prosecute in every judicial framework the perpetrators of defamation and/or slander, as well as the editors and managers of the information channels through which the publication is carried out. These accusations are unlawful. This is to preserve his image and honor.”

Fabrizio Corona names three more players in Stresia

Roma striker Stephan El Shaarawy, Juventus defender Federico Gatti, and Lazio defender Nicolo Casali. These are the three new names of footballers who will be involved in an alleged betting ring according to Fabrizio Corona, which took place in Striscia la Notizia last night, as stated on the website of the Canale 5 broadcast itself. He received the Golden Tapiro from Striscia la Notizia for being censored by Nunzia De Girolamo during Avanti Popolo (Rai3). For Valerio Staveli, Corona also showed a video in which you can hear the players talking about bets while dribbling. Full service this evening on Striscia la notizia (Channel 5, 8.35pm). However, there is no official news about the three new names given by the former photo agent in the investigation being conducted by the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office. «We had some evidence, And we had an exciting voice,” Corona said, still pointing to what he described as “Censorship“On Rai3 – in which four famous footballers speak and the director did not send it. And a video (which Corona showed to Valerio Staveli, the editor) in which you can hear some people, including Roma’s Zalewski, talking about bets and bets while dribbling.” And again: “Can’t you broadcast these things? Apparently he called someone live – the former photo agent added -. So I’ll give you the names: I’ll mention El-Shaarawy. They didn’t even ask me a question when I mentioned it in the studio. Casale, who has clashed with the Under-21s, has a big problem. Then Gatti, whom Fagioli talked about. I can give you thirty names.” “Why didn’t you go and give the tapiro to Spalletti – Staveley asked again – who played in the midfield half and instead of sending him off chose El Shaarawy, another player involved in the scandal?”

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