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Bell: Results in Italian cinemas

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These days we had the chance to watch the latest movie before Mamoru HosodaAnd the dragon and princess with freckles (竜 と そ ば か す の 姫 Ryū to sobakasu no hime)known to us by the international address Lovely.

The film tells the story of Suzu, a 17-year-old high school student who lives with her father in a rural village in Kochi Prefecture where she feels like a prisoner, orphaned by her mother. One day, Suzu entered “U,” a virtual reality with five billion members online, where she could finally do what she loved and hadn’t done since her mother’s death: singing. She became Suzu Bell, a singer who quickly gained worldwide fame. Belle soon meets a mysterious dragon with whom she sets out on a journey full of adventure and love in search of herself and what she wants to become.

Unlike in the past, anime factory He did not limit himself to showing a 2-3-day event only in the middle of the week, but chose the traditional distribution with shows also during the weekend, to meet the demands of the many spectators who complained about the impossibility of going to the cinema on those few days of the week when it usually takes place Show animation in theaters.
report from Receipts and viewers Lovely In his first week in Italian cinemas.

day Revenues viewers
Thursday 17 €22,525 3346
Friday 18 25.032 euros 3,751
Saturday 19 50,695 EUR 7.027
Sunday 20 €42,717 5,873
Weekend 17-20 140,969 EUR 19.97
Monday 21 12150 EUR 1.994
Tuesday 22 16,215 EUR 2,557
Wednesday 23 12017 Euro 2,037
Week 17-23 181351 Euro 26,585
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Thursday 24 Lovely no longer Among the top ten films of the day, so we do not know exactly how much he earned, but certainly less than 6,292 euros for the tenth film in the ranking. So we can assume that the movie has already made the bulk of the revenue and that the end result won’t be much different.
Compared to the results of other anime films in cinemas, the possibility of watching the film for a greater number of days even during weekends and at a traditional price rather than an increase like the price of events does not seem to have brought the desired results, with Lovely Which does not significantly improve the results obtained mirai (146.074 euros / 15,556 spectators) and does not collect up to I want to eat your pancreas (204,416 euros / 21,335 spectators) – both only went to the event’s three-day performances without a weekend.

For those who haven’t gone to see the movie or want to watch it again:

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