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Because Voyager 1’s mysterious signals from space have to do with human immortality

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The Voyager 1 spacecraft (also Voyager 2) was built to traverse the Solar System and then continue its journey. Where no one has gone before (As they say in Star Trek).

According to Wikipedia: “As of April 5, 2022, the spacecraft has been operating and reporting data for 44 years and 7 months and is located at a distance of 23 billion and 337 million kilometers from the Sun, making it the farthest artificial object from Earth.”

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A feature of these objects is that they carry with them pieces of humans, and gold-plated disks containing basic information about our species and planet Earth, chosen by a panel of scientists headed by the famous astronomer Carl Sagan.

They include audio greetings in 55 languages, sounds and images of nature, an album of records and photos of many cultures, and a welcome letter written by Jimmy Carter, who was President of the United States when the spacecraft left Earth in 1977.

Now, many philosophers have approached the discourse of immortality by relating it to this topic. The eternal existence of a soul or spirit after death can also mean the continuation of one’s legacy in technology.

The so-called golden records, or packets of information on the Voyager probes, have been created to last for a billion years (but according to the latest estimates for much longer) in the space environment. It would not be eternity but as far as our awareness of existence is closest to us.

Think of it this way: when we no longer exist, when the sun goes down and the solar system dies, there will be no more plants and animals, no more beaches or mountains or even chairs, watches, good or bad movies and all things. cha we did. Even then, a little anecdote about our world will still be floating around in space, looking for someone who can read our story.

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