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Battlefield 2042, EA also blames Xbox for game failure

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Very harsh words EA used to justify what we can determine as Battlefield 2042’s failure.

Battlefield 2042 He still walks a lot. In fact, the video game is developed by He says and posted it it is in It did not at all meet the expectations and expectations of players around the world. After the V, in fact, the saga was expected to return to the level of the past, re-proposing what was seen with Battlefield 3 or 4 but clearly in a recent switch and next-gen switch.

Very harsh words EA used to justify what we can determine as Battlefield 2042’s failure.

Unfortunately, the title is far from what everyone would like. It was hoped they could get a title he had the desire to get back to being great and get back into the game and recover from a competition Call of dutyWhich dominated unchallenged for years without competing with its first opponent. Which is now in a really difficult state.

Battlefield 2042, also a difficult mode because of Halo Infinite

Nowadays, the number of players on Battlefield 2042 servers is getting fewer and fewer day by day. And there are some Countries where less than 100 people play, which makes matching players completely impossible. And the situation can get worse after Bad decision was made On updates required by a few players.

Battlefield 2042

assessment of the situation, Laura honeyEA’s head of studio, analyzed the weaknesses and factors that led to the situation the game finds itself in. In addition to highlighting the inherent flaws of the title from a gameplay and launch point of view, As read in XfireThe Xbox title is also cited as the culprit in the situation.

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Obviously we’re talking about Halo Infinite, a game that came out almost simultaneously and raised the bar a lot. Because of the Xbox title, in the words of Miele, the launch period: It didn’t fit because Halo Infinite was a very polished title while Battlefield 2042 had bugs and wasn’t quite as polished.“.

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