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Battle of the Lion, after suspension, Generali dismisses Luciano Serena with immediate effect

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The Senior Director is the CEO candidate on Caltagirone Group’s roster for the new Board of Directors

Trieste. The Council of the Generali decided to “terminate the working relationship with Luciano Cirinà with immediate effect”. This is stated in a note from Lyon outlining how Serena was suspended from the position of Regional Officer in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe last March 23. Leon had entrusted Giovanni Liverani, CEO of Generali Deutschland, with the interim positions of the managing candidate for CEO on Caltagirone Group’s roster for the new Board of Directors.

Today’s decision – as explained – “is motivated by breach of loyalty obligations and serious breach of other obligations under the employment contract.”

Serena while presenting the Caltagirone menu plan, unlike that presented by Leon Group CEO Philippe Dennett, had defined his position in the company: “I requested unpaid leave and it was refused due to the Ukrainian crisis and I was notified this week of a moratorium that is not legally an action disciplinary.” Then he added, “I was part of the Generali for 33 years, and I was involved in the plan on the part of my regional specialist and I do not deny it.”


Adopted Triestine, a career spent largely abroad between Vienna and Prague, in the government of the Generali in Eastern Europe, in recent days was included in a Romanian manufacturer’s roster to compete with Philippe Dunnet for the Generali’s chief mace.

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In Trieste, Luciano Serena attended Dante Alighieri High School. After his third year of classical high school and two years in Wales, he returned from abroad to Trieste where he graduated in economics and commerce.

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The appointment of the Generali thirty years ago became the beginning of an exemplary career for the management class with Generali DNA who would travel far and wide around the world. Cirina is immediately appreciated as a kind, helpful and direct person. He moves to Vienna with his Friulian-born wife Petra, where he will spend nine years managing corporate risk in Austria and the European Economic Community. After a hiatus in central management, he returned to the Austrian capital as CEO of Generali Holding Vienna. From Vienna to Prague, Serena will then have the management of all major operations in recent years in Eastern Europe, culminating in the acquisition of the insurance activities of the Czech group Ppf.

List of Caltagirone

The list of Caltagirone, 13 candidates, 6 women, 7 men and 11 independents (all except Cirina and Caltagirone) in the scheme is not very different from that of the outgoing council in Lyon: 6 men and 7 women, 10 independents and 3 no.

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There is an international batch, many Italian names in both, but also many managers at the international level. But by scrolling through the names, potential links with shareholders and what could be potential preferences are identified at the time of the vote at the Lion Assembly on April 29.

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