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BasicVillage: a new, cutting edge fashion space

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Via dell’Aprica 12, Varenne district. Here, in an industrial complex in the early twentieth century, basic villageThe new headquarters in Milan BasicNetthe group that owns famous brands such as K . methodAnd the kappaAnd the kappa robeAnd the SupergaAnd the brico And the Sebago. A double building, but in a smaller version, for the Turin headquarters covering an area of ​​22,000 square metres.

Born in Milan in an ever-evolving part of the city, this new center is a strategic address for an area under urban redevelopment. A former rubber factory, architecture studio and event space, today the complex of buildings, which features a chimney at the end of the courtyard, is a prestigious location for fashion, design, and startups.

Inside, in fact, in addition to the galleries, there is also a room dedicated to the company’s archive. And then? EDIT Italian Pubthe bistro that lands in Milan from Turin, spaces Milan sects From Versembly Kitchen And that of a startup company Pica In addition to two well-equipped event venues with an area of ​​170 and 450 square meters respectively, and residential lofts ready during the coming months.

Via dell’Aprica 12 in Farini is the new Milan address for BasicNet.

BasicStudios / Dario Dinuka

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