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Bars yellow stolen from Toronto airport. A container worth $20 million vanished into thin air

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Rome, April 21, 2023 – Maxi Theft Off Gold nuggets atToronto Airport, in Canada. Police are investigating the disappearance of gold and other property Worth over 20 million Canadian dollars (about 13.5 million euros), Monday a Container Loaded into a plane. The container was unloaded from the plane and secured in the warehouse. The container disappeared a few hours later, according to regional police inspector Stephen Duestein.

The police are pursuing all avenues, including organized crime. As of now I have not contacted or if not Security cameras Whether they relive those moments or not Robbery and the container stolen from the security deposit, or which airline carried the container or to whom it belonged. “Our goal is to solve this theft – Duvestein – and we want to solve it. I can’t give you the exact details”. But the police official continued to say that passengers arriving from the Canadian airport were not at risk. “We do not consider this a public safety issue.”

The gold nuggets at the Toronto airport may indicate that One of the largest and most sensational robberies in Canadian history. The so-called Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist has been on the list since 2012. On that occasion, 3,000 tons of maple syrup were stolen from a warehouse in Quebec. The loot was valued at $18.7 million.

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