May 30, 2023

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Banks collapse and Avary Square risks a dramatic session, which was saved by these four headlines

The stock market week ends with a session on Friday. On the weekend, the markets remain closed and open Monday morning at 9 am, therefore, Friday is not an ideal shopping session because after that the stock markets remain closed for 48 hours. Any event can happen in these two days, especially bad news that may open the markets to a sharp decline the following Monday. This is why traders tend not to buy on Friday, especially during times of uncertainty. Which is why our analysts were easy prophets to predict today’s tough session. The warning is contained in this article:A danger in Piazza Afari where a profound correction will take place under these circumstances

Opera yard Avary

The Milan Stock Exchange risked an interesting session. Today our list closed very lower and the Ftse Mib was the worst indicator among the major Eurozone listings. Ftse Mib (Index: FTSEMIB) closed at 27,337 points, down 1.1%. The index started the day with momentum, but after just one hour of trading, the prices turned lower. Breaking the 27,600 points threshold led the price to drop quickly to 27,400 points. This support lasted for only two hours, then the prices fell to 27,150 points.

The decline in prices only stopped when the first data of a potentially positive opening on Wall Street arrived. The US Nasdaq and S&P 500 indices have already opened in positive territory. The rally in the US stock market allowed the Piazza Affari index to recover in the last two and a half hours.

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Banks collapse and Avary Square risks a dramatic session, which was saved by these four headlines

The Milan Stock Exchange today escaped the danger of collapse. Fortunately, the positive opening on Wall Street gave some momentum to the prices. If the Ftse Mib drops below 27,000 points, we will write about 1 day in dark red.

Despite the negative session, investors bought a few blue-chips. Among the stocks with the largest capitalization, Telecom Italia was the best performing stock. Prices rose 3.6%. Ferrari gained 2.2% and closed just under €240 and hit a new all-time high. Both Diasorin and Recordati gained more than 2%. The contagion alarm, which sent stock markets down today, drove the prices of these last two stocks.

Banks collapse and Piazza Avari risks a dramatic session, which were rescued by these four stocks that limited the losses of the Italian Stock Exchange. In fact, among the stocks that lost the most, on the platform are the shares of banks, which heavier the list. The top four banking stocks were among the 6 worst performing blue-chip stocks.

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(We remind you to read the warnings in this article carefully which can be referenced Who is the”)