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Bankrupt Mozart balls, chocolate company crushed by debt –

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The economic crisis caused by the Covid virus, which hit various sectors of production, has not escaped Mozart Balls, the famous Austrian chocolate. Mirabell, the manufacture company , filed for bankruptcy, So much so that the Salzburg Regional Court Open bankruptcy proceedings In his regards.

Tourism blockade

I Austria icon sweets Therefore they are no longer produced by Salzburg Schokolade which is based in the municipality of Groedig. The epidemic has prevented a large influx of tourists who often return from their trip buy Mozart balls as souvenirs for friends and relatives and they hadn very difficult reaction of the company in the market. Not only that, the popular events and Christmas markets were also an opportunity to buy them. Suspended for more than a year has done a general downturn in consumption Sales decline.

What will happen to Mozart’s balls?

the manufacture company Mirabelle is now afraid for his presence. In addition to many types of sweets and specialties, the Salzburg-based company produces pistachio balls marzipan covered with gianduia cream and then dark chocolate, the so-called real Salzburg Mozartkogel, Exclusively for Mondelez USA. To see what happens, we have to wait and see how bankruptcy developsThe company’s bankruptcy proceedings will open on Tuesday December 7 at the Salzburg Court. Meanwhile, the product will be For sale during holidays and Christmas markets, At least while stocks last.

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