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Bandecchi: “I’ll bring Ternana to Serie A before I die: I play football just for this”

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Back to talk about the future, through Instagram StoriesThe Ternana Patron Stefano Bandici: “Reading many articles, I see that there are people who teach, and the song ‘Boca de Rosa’ comes to mind who cannot teach. So here it is. The world of football is a mysterious world, the ball is round, someone wins and someone loses: I’m not a great connoisseur. And I have never been among the best, but I say for sure that those who do not have the courage in life get nowhere. I said from the beginning of my adventure that my team would go to Serie A, and I repeat it with great force and conviction: I deal with football only to bring Ternana to Serie A, without any condition or reservations.. Playing against me would be cool, I’m the only one who claims to have high goals, but after all, if I’m in the second division, I want to try to make the leap: in the meantime, I just need to get to the first eight in the standings, then try the rest also. If I don’t center it, on my tombstone write “that idiot didn’t do what he should have done”, but if you like, I’ll give you a list of things I couldn’t do, even if in life they always go where I want. From now on, when I read the name of a player we are dealing with in a newspaper, it will be the same for the impregnable Ternana.: I won’t take any of what you read in the papers anymore because there are those who go on to divulge things.”

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