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Ban on animal testing for alcohol, tobacco, and drugs postponed until July 2025 (but there are alternative methods confirmed by science)

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The ban, which was already law in 2014, has been postponed for testing substances of abuse such as drugs, alcohol and tobacco on animals to July 1, 2025. The ECI Citizens Initiative is active to collect 1 million signatures by August.

The horror of animal testing will continue. It was already official last February, when the House Constitutional and Budgetary Committees approved a series of amendments providing for the possibility, Until July 1, 2025, to conduct tests for studies of organ grafts, substances of abuse, drugs and vaccines.

This means that more than 700,000 primates, dogs and cats will continue to be legally tortured to undergo tests on various substances such as Alcohol, drugs, tobacco and exotic baits.

The slippage has been continuous and recurrent for months, and the state is doing nothing to avoid it. The consequences are the usual: delays in scientific progress and penalties for Italian research compared to foreign research as well as, obviously, the killing of thousands of animals.

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As proof of this, while animal testing was carried out in our country, a recent test was carried out study Finland’s University of Turku, in collaboration with the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston and the National Institute on Drug Abuse in Baltimore, has identified a brain circuit capable of stopping addictions, including tobacco.

The result reached by observing some injuries, such as a stroke that damaged this specific network, led to a complete spontaneous recovery of patients. The discovery described in the journal Nature Medicine, according to experts This brain circuit could now be made a target for future smoking addiction treatments, and possibly other addictions as well.

Another example of how science for humans can and should be based on humans, and how epidemiological investigations and alternative methods are the only viable way to advance scientific knowledge and treatments for diseases that always afflict humans, animals, and the planet. , we say from LAV.

So let’s hope that in 2025 there will be a complete goodbye to these harmful animal testing without further extensions, but for now already We can ask an EU without the autopsy of live animals by signing a European petition to permanently ban animal testing of cosmetics, use alternative methods to study the toxicity of chemicals, thus also increasing safety for consumers, and implement a concrete strategy to put an end to vivisections.

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In fact, the ECI Citizens Initiative is active to collect 1 million signatures by August. At the moment, Italy has not even reached 50% of the national target, and it is increasingly urgent to join the initiative and make our voice heard against animal testing.

over here The petition.

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