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Badam Badam by Adele Tiranti at Teatro Le Spazio

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Adele Terrante’s musical show “Padam Padam” will be shown, with A. via Locri 43.

Melodies, magic and the voice of the immortal Edith Piaf invade the Le Spazio Theater from April 21 to 24 With Badam Badamprom Adele Terantitogether with Mirko Dettori.

“Badam” is the name that the Parisians in antiquity gave their city. Badam Badam It is the title of a famous song sung by Edith Piaf (Paris, 1915 – Grass, 1963), “A bird with a golden goatee”, which in this piece expresses the comedy of obsessive and circular love, which is like the sound of an orchestra imprisoned in her memory that will sooner or later drive her crazy, As the text says.

It is precisely the theme of love, in this extraordinary translator and in her time, that Adele Terrant addresses by choosing songs from her repertoire, drawn freely from the autobiographies written by her sister Simone Bertiot, Jacques Prevere, and Jean Cocteau.

“Pipaf, the little bird, sings of love, which is perhaps better suited to bursting into a song than for living. Love as a stage. Love eviscerated in the smallest of differences, love as absence, love is loss, love without love, love is the way of roses, a carpet under the feet of the lover. There is no linguistic research, but a simple desire to bear witness to a great artist I have been translating and studying for some time, during a time of memory and dreams” (Adele Teranti)

Badam BadamEdited by Adele Teranti With Both A.

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