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Back to the cinema with the little ones, here are the new releases 🎬 to watch with the whole family

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It’s time to go back to the movies and doing this with the little ones can be a lot of fun. These are the movies to watch with the whole family.

Now that the cold has officially arrived across the peninsula, parents have to come up with new pastimes to spend time with the little ones in the house. It is enough to turn to childhood memories for a cue and the memory of Sundays at the cinema immediately comes to mind. Spend an afternoon with the whole family watching a movie fit for everyone and a walk before dinner.

Returning to the cinema is a habit that everyone should resume. Getting kids and teens into the habit of watching a movie at the cinema is an excellent social practice as well as being a lot of fun: standing in line at the ticket office, popcorn in cardboard baskets and all those nods out of the usual housewife for kids are a real treat.

Movies to watch in the cinema with the whole family

Going to the movies for the first time with the little ones Parents always worry a little: “Will he resist sitting all this time?” , “is he bothering you?” “Will he get bored?” These are some of the questions a mother or father asks themselves before choosing to watch a movie in company; The fear that children won’t have protection yet often leads to a parent giving up, but it’s all about the habit. The main step is to choose The movie is suitable for the whole family, especially for youngsters; Context will do everything and the afternoon will turn into an unforgettable adventure. December and the weeks leading up to Christmas are a rich period for cinemas that allocate plenty of space for new releases. One of the most anticipated animated films of the season was The Nutcracker and the Magic Flute by Jorge Gettis, which was released in cinemas from November 3. A great classic not to be missed.

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Here is a list of upcoming movies suitable for the whole family Coming out in the coming weeks:

  • Bill and Sebastian – The Next Generation On November 17
  • A strange world A strange worlddirected by Don Hall (II), Quy Nguyen, in cinemas from November 23
  • Puss in Boots 2, Last Wish It will be shown in cinemas on December 7, 2022;
  • Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro and Marc Gustafson to be released on December 4.
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