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Azzurri to Canada

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The first speeding session for jet men will begin next Tuesday, with tests scheduled for November 26 and 27, two generations ahead.

With no last weekend break, or competition, Lake Louis continues to train more intensely in the North American snow to open up the pace waiting for the heroes next week.

The first test on the Canadian route is scheduled for Tuesday, November 23rd, considering the novelty of the dual descent (which has been in the women’s industry’s inaugural project for many years) with the Super-G closing on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th. Sunday 28. Azzurri ends long Copper Mountain meeting, involving 9 athletes for two weeks. Had to be postponed.

Dominic Paris, two years ago in Lake Louis (just 2 cents from Thomas Dryson who was not in Canada) led the controversial last downhill, Gidoni’s team, along with Christopher Innerhofer, new father Matteo Marceclia and Emanuel Pussy. , Mattia Casse, Guglielmo Bosca, Pietro Zazzi, Nicolo Molteni and Riccardo Tonetti will be particularly focused on the 3 Super-Gs expected at the North American level.

The official selection for the Swiss-Sky for the Lake Louis nomination, with at least a small internal selection, is for eleven athletes competing in the exams. Pete Fuse would be the lighthouse of a team that many were absent from (Mauro Cavicell and Carlo Janka injured, Ralph Weber and Urs Grinbuhel in a related situation due to lack of vaccination), but additionally won the four-time Specialty Cup, which included Queen Discipline, Niels Hinderman, Stephen, Niles Mani, Gilles Rulein, Yannick Chaplos, Lars Rosty, Alexis Moni, Arnaud Boycett and Justin Murrisier will be on the lookout for Marco Odermat.

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Super-Z has nine names: some to choose from: Pip Fuse, Odermat, Loic Maylard and Gino Cavicell, Maurice, Rogentin, Thomas Dumler and two more.

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