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Azzurri domination and first victory – OA Sport

Azzurri domination and first victory – OA Sport

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23.07 The live broadcast from Italy and Chile ends here. Thanks for following us and good evening all!

23.06 Good performance by the sons of Bertolucci: Snowboard in the first half and the second management break. Now head to the challenges with France and Portugal.

Game ends! 8-3 to Italy!

1’06” penalty against Italy.

2’25” Marquez scores with a powerful shot from long range: 8-3.

4’30” Chile is trying to restart quickly, but Italy folds well.

6’35” It’s a perceptive, fun Italy: domination on all fronts.

8’25” Another start for Italy! A Gavioli brace eliminates the Chilean goalkeeper.

9’20” The penalty missed by Fernandez.

9’23” Panini foul on Fernandez himself and blue card. Penalty for South America.

9’57” Fernandez was left on the floor after a heavy fight.

11’57 “Chile with Fernandez takes advantage of the penalty: Malagueli’s blue card.

The ball is 11’57” going left and right: there are many fouls.

13’35” long time called Bertolucci.

14’15” A very physical stage of the match, Italy managed to take a huge advantage.

16’00” Another exciting opportunity the Chileans failed.

18’00 “Italy again! David Gavioli scores at the party.

19’25” foul penalty kick by Chile.

19’40” The Blues continue to attack despite the very clear result.

21’07” VERONAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! The beautiful lob that knocked out Martin Martinez: 6-1.

22’41” Gnata is so close to scoring!

24’06 “Fernandes direct shot from the midfield: Zamboli saved.

22.20 The two teams return to the field.

0’0″ The first half ended with a score of 5-1 for Italy. Alessandro Bertolucci’s boys dominate. The double of Ambrosio and the goals of Companio, Malagoli and Verona decide.

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1’42 “Chile looks excited after the goal and tries to attack with more determination.

3’12” Chile shorts! A brilliant individual initiative by Marquez who puts her at Zampoli’s feet.

4’17 “Italy don’t stop anymore!!! 5-0!! Alessandro Verona is executed by Ebenazar, avoids the goalkeeper and slips into the net.

6’16” ANCORAAAAAAAAA ITALYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Francesco Compagno!!!!!!!! Beautiful close-up in the corner: Poker Italy.

7’03 GOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! Andrea Malagoli is not wrong: 3-0 Italy.

7’03” penalty against Italy.

7’06 “It’s a monologue from Italy: Chile think almost exclusively about defending themselves.

8’08” second time South American.

10’00” Malagoni hits the post! What a chance for the Azzurri.

10’37” Alessandro Bertolucci timeout.

10’37” after hitting Rojas! Big 1-2 chance for Chile.

11’17” An act of insistence by Italy and in the end Compagno makes a mistake.

12’24” stage of the match with many interruptions due to fouls: Italy must avoid unnecessary interventions.

13’03 “Italy’s second mistake: Malagoli this time.

13’46” The turn of the ball is very fast for Italy, but Chile is doing a good job.

14’47” timeout demanded by Chile: Rodrigo Quintanilla wants to clear his children’s minds.

16’30” is a high pace, but Italy has this advantage: Chile does not find offensive solutions.

18’32” GOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! Federico Ambrosio again!!!! Very quick restart, dry blow and Martin Martinez hit!

18’45” Zamboli again! This time Marquez tried it closely.

20’45 “Zampoli saves Italy! What a save for Fernandez Fernandez, who fired with a sure shot.

21’15” Nice shot from Coco: a good goalkeeper from Chile.

Chile is now trying to hit 21’45”, but Italy is defending itself with order, leaving a few spaces and trying to restart quickly.

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23’30” GOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! Ambrosio gets the penalty rejected by Martin Martinez, then sits it cool and overtakes him.

23’40” penalty against Italy.

23’50” What a save by the Chilean goalkeeper for Gnata’s attempt.

Let’s go! Ball to Chile.

21.30 The blues are charged with shouting “Italy!”. Now everything is almost ready.

21.29 Now our anthem, Mamelli’s Hymn, the anthem of the Italians!

21.28 begins with the Chilean anthem.

21.27 The teams are about to enter the parquet and the speaker has already introduced them.

21.23 Portugal are the world champions and are the first candidate to be reconfirmed. The Blues will have to try to be the loose cannon.

21.19 The Blues are included by Alessandro Bertolucci in an iron group with France and Portugal as well as Chile. It is necessary to win the first match to clear the way and play in order to qualify with the transalpines.

9.15pm, good afternoon OA Sport friends and welcome to LIVE LIVE from Italy-Chile, the first game of the Azzurri at the 2022 World Ice Rink Hockey Championship in San Juan.

The candidates for the World Cup

Good evening OA Sport friends and welcome to LIVE LIVE on Italy and Chile, the first appearance of the Azzurri at the World Hockey Championship at the 2022 Ice Rink in San Juan (Argentina).

It’s a start not to be missed for the Azzurri, who face a softer opponent against fearsome France and Portugal. In particular, the Lusitanians are world champions and it is very difficult to get rid of them.

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men Alessandro Bertolucci He will have to take on the role of “Bulk Mine”. Coco, Ambrosio, Verona and their partners have all the credentials to be able to represent the element of interruption that explodes in the “already written” scenario of the World Cup, but to do so, it will be immediately necessary to be on the ball.

OA Sport brings you live from Italy – Chile from 9:30 pm, the first appearance of the Azzurri at the World Hockey Championship at the 2022 Ice Rink in San Juan (Argentina). Good fun!

Photo: FISR