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ATM, do not make a similar gesture: you have to pay a fine of 50 thousand euros

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Bancomat: You should pay close attention to the operations that are performed every day. Good advice not to make such a gesture: you risk a large fine.

Bancomat –

Every day we carry out various operations at the ATM and each accounting movement is monitored by the Revenue Agency.

thanks for the Super registration for checking accounts The Tax Department has been able to spy on all the income and expenses of your checking account.

In fact, gods are expected Withdrawal limits And from Pay in cash: If you pay more than a certain limit imposed by the current legislation, you risk incurring a very high penalty, which can be up to 50,000 euros. For this reason, it is important not to make this gesture: you are ruining your life.

ATMs: How Much Cash Can You Withdraw?

Every accounting movement we make at the ATM is closely monitored by the Revenue Agency. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to all the operations that we perform at the ATM every day.

ATM fine of 50,000 euros –

Withdraw money from your checking account It is a delicate process to which we must pay the utmost attention. Today, it is not possible to withdraw all funds from your checking account without informing the UIF (Unit of Financial Intelligence).

The same banks must report cash movements above a certain threshold. This allows to put an end to the circulation and use of cash, and to combat money laundering and tax evasion.

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In the event that suspicious transactions are carried out by account holders, banks are obligated to inform the Financial Intelligence Unit. Private account holders and professionals with a VAT number have a file withdrawal limit cash fixed at 10,000 euros in a month.

Bancomat: watch out for this process, you risk a fine of 50,000 euros

The government has always fought against cash payments in order to combat tax evasion and discourage recycling of dirty money. in 2022 cash payment limit Fixed in 2000 euros.

This maximum is expected until the end of 2022, but starting next year the limit can be reduced to 1,000 euros.

ATM fine of 50,000 euros –

The penalty for paying in cash is proportional to the amount paid. Someone may be accused Punishment Which may involve spending 50,000 euros.

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