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At the table with Cedrospeziato, food between tradition and science

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Valentina Tremegno is a dietitian, Sabrina Fascavio is a journalist. Valentina has always thought of creating a simple and practical handbook for her patients to collect answers to those questions that we usually ask Doctor Google for advice about our health. Sabrina started a series of cookbooks, and was looking for a nutritionist to write a volume of her series quartet. From the meeting of these two worlds, one social and literary and the other scientific, I was born At the table with Cedrospeziato. In one, it brings news, anthropological and social information about food together with a hands-on segment that gathers advice about food related to the various seasons of life. There is no shortage of traditional, reviewed recipes. All in simple and understandable language with correct information unlike those that, for convenience and speed, you can go to Google and often come across conflicting theories that lead you astray and probably have no scientific basis. At the table with Cedrospeziato So it is added to the texts dedicated to the cuisine of the Cedrospeziato series, expanding the vision about the importance of proper nutrition in our lives. A small diary wants to emphasize the most important points to always keep in mind during the changes of the season, paying homage to Italian cuisine with an example of some traditional dishes. The volume will be presented by Valentina and Sabrina, in moderation from Manvrishchev, on Friday 1 July at 20:00 in the tourist port. It will be a ‘seminar’ event that will have food culture as an expression of our personal and regional identity. The show will be decorated with musical periods and interventions by the young people involved in our territory in every aspect of the food. The theme of the evening was: “Food and/is the culture!”. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to AIRC (Italian Association for Cancer Research).

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