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At the Magnani Theater Telmo Pievani and the Deproducers on a journey between music and science

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The Magnani Theater will host Telmo Pievani and the Deproducers – Vittorio Cosma, Gianni Maroccolo and Riccardo Sinigallia – who are, along with Roberto Angelini, the protagonists DNA: The Show That Makes Science Play!

An original work that combines music and science thanks to the artistic genius of beginners with the scientific advice of evolutionary philosopher Telmo Pivani and images created by Marino Capitanio.

An ever-evolving project and from which a publication Mondadori published entitled DNA, A Code for Writing Life and Decoding Cancer, was signed by Bivani himself and designed to respond in a timely manner to the many scientific questions fueled by the show. Another part of the compelling path has been chosen by the Airc Foundation to inform the cultural value of cancer research in our country in an innovative and exciting way.

With unreleased music tracks, evocative images, and custom set design, the Scientific Conference becomes an exciting show and immersive experience within everyone’s reach. The public will have the opportunity to relive the history that unites each human, from the formation of the first cells to the emergence of Homo sapiens, and even the new achievements of genetics. The result is a rigorous but accessible path to discovering some of the most fascinating topics mankind has ever encountered, which underscores the value of scientific research as an essential tool against cancer and as a metaphor for the process of improving themselves. through knowledge.

DNA is part of Wonder Why, the innovative container containing elements of curiosity and surprise, the strengths of the creativity of researchers and those who look out into the world to ask themselves questions and be dazzled by the answers.

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The show proposes a journey through topics such as spontaneous generation, multicellular birth, and the difference between chance and necessity.

And again, the story of 200,000 years of species history during which eight thousand generations traced one another and 107 billion people lived. But also the discovery of DNA as the greatest invention of evolution and the meeting with Luca, the last universal common ancestor. To finally talk about cancer, its mutations, and the elements that science must recognize and combat.

– says Telmo Bivani, a philosopher and evolution specialist who will play the narrator for the entire 90 minutes of the show. With unreleased music tracks and exciting images, Dna captures the audience, prompting them to track the most important phases of the cosmic calendar. An exciting display, full of suggestions, to reclaim the history that unites every human, from the formation of the first cells to the emergence of Homo sapiens, through to the new advances in genetics, and finally, a collective declaration, a message of hope and a call to continue to support cancer research with determination.”

Show tickets – free: [email protected]

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