May 30, 2023

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At the age of 27, he opened his company after his passion

“In life I always dreamed of becoming a footballer, but according to many, it was much better if I stopped using my feet and started working only my arms and hands. On the one hand, I take it as a compliment, even if on the other. “It starts like this. Riccardo FerriniHe is 27 years old, and he is about to open his company in Forli. “I realize that this might not be the best time to buy a property and start a business, but here I am, because I believe so much in what I do.”

Ferrini is On Saturday, the barber realizes the dream of giving life to his salonwhich comes after apprenticeship: “5 years ago, I started this career, came back from the United States to try soccer, and decided to throw myself all together into the passion I’ve always had since I was a kid, when it was before in the evenings at the disco, All my friends come to my house to get their hair done.”

Ferrini attended a two-year professional academy in Rimini during which he obtained a qualification to be able to open it. During this experience, he worked in a salon where, after qualification, he stayed for another 3 years for a total of 5. “Different Barber Shop” Arrive at Viale Roma, in the Ronco district. “Why different? Beyond the word game named after my family, he explains, it wants to be a true experience in which the client is followed in 360 degrees, from start to finish. In addition to classic barbershop services, I will offer treatment options for clients’ skin and plenty of The little tips on how to manage their hair at home.It will not be a classic place where shampoo is the same for everyone, there will be very special attention, in fact I will only receive one customer at a time, the store will have different amenities, to ensure that everyone who enters feels like Somewhat at home,” he concludes.

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