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At least 670 killed in a landslide in Papua New Guinea: “Entire villages buried in mud and debris”

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A massive landslide destroyed several villages in Papua New Guinea’s Inga province, killing at least 670 people, a UN official told AFP. Serhan Okporak, of the UN migration agency based in Port Moresby, said estimates indicate that about 150 homes […]

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a Massive landslide he have Several villages were leveled to the ground In Inga Province papua new guinea, Causing At least 670 people were killedA UN official told the agency France Press agency. An estimated 150 homes were buried in the landslide, said Serhan Oktrak, of the UN migration agency based in Port Moresby.

The tragedy occurred during the night between last Thursday and Friday, following heavy rains in the area in recent weeks. Mud and debris swept through at least six villagesDestroying livestock, crops and clean water sources. Rescue operations are made more difficult by the rugged terrain and damage to main roadsSome areas can only be reached by helicopter.

The Office of the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Papua New Guinea confirmed that four bodies had been recovered and medical assistance had been provided to survivors, including children. According to CARE Australia, an Australian humanitarian aid agency, more than 60 homes have been completely destroyed. “All members of the families who lived there are still missing.” Nearly 4,000 people live in the area, but the number of people affected is “definitely higher” due to the influx of people fleeing tribal conflicts in neighboring areas. The same source fears that other villages in the mountainous region are at risk. About 4,000 people live in the area affected by the landslide, but it is feared that this will happen The number of casualties may be much higher due to the influx of people displaced from tribal conflicts In neighboring areas.

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Inga County MP Amos Akim told… guardian “which”The landslide could have buried more than 300 people and 1,182 homes.”. Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape said the government was working with local officials to provide them “Rescue, recovery of bodies, and rebuilding infrastructure.”

United States President Joe Biden announced that the United States was ready to provide assistance, naming Papua New Guinea as a country “A partner and a close friendWashington strengthened relations in the Asia-Pacific region after China signed a security agreement with the Solomon Islands in 2022. Last year, the United States signed a defense agreement with Papua New Guinea, which is considered a major military center in the Pacific Ocean.

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