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At least 54 other dead 20-year-olds were killed in the street –

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From Viviana Mazza

The eighth day of the demonstrations of the veiled young woman who was buried last Saturday in Kurdistan. Handcuffed journalist, who was the first to report the death of Mohasa Amini

There are 41 according to authorities – including civilians and officers from the security forces – while at least 54 have died according to activists, but many more have died in protests by Mahsa Amini, the girl who ended up in a coma while in police custody. Tehran because it is poorly veiled. The victims identified so far by the Oslo-based Iranian Human Rights Organization are mainly located in the north, in provinces such as Mazandaran, Gilan, West Azerbaijan and Kurdistan where Amini was born. The bodies are returned to their families with a promise to bury them secretly.


It was reported that Hananeh Kian, 23-year-old one older than Mahsa Amini, was killed by security forces in Nowshahr, and 50,000 residents of Mazandaran province, on Wednesday evening. The family told the site that he was returning from an appointment with the dentist Iranwire. That night, clashes broke out between protesters and officers, and police cars were set on fire. In Rezvan Shah, twelve thousand residents of Gilan province, agents shot and killed at least six people, according to Iranian human rights: one of them is called Yasin Jamalzadeh, who has two children. According to Amnesty International, 4 of the dead were minors.

The Internet and Politics


The newspaper, which is close to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, described the young protesters as extremists. President Ibrahim Raisi, who has just returned from New York, declared that enemies are trying to create chaos through organized protests. Authorities assert that they have blocked the internet and call the US decision to ease online sanctions to help Iranians evade censorship as a hostile act. Elon Musk responded to a tweet from Secretary of State Anthony Blinken by writing: Let’s activate Starlink. Meanwhile, the system uses Telegram to invite protest participants to identify themselves.

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thirteen years later

The main reformist party close to former President Mohammad Khatami appealed yesterday to the authorities to put an end to the duty of headscarves and the morality police. One of the leaders of the 2009 Green Movement, Mehdi Karroubi, the former speaker of Iran’s parliament, requested the same in July, after another girl, Sepideh Rachno, heavily veiled, was arrested on the bus, beaten and forced to confess. His mistakes on TV. The abolition of the morality police was discussed even in 2009 and then not, but today it does not matter to the boys in the arena. There are those who sing Bella ciao in Persian, as happened at that time, but no one is calling for further reforms. An angry new generation burns headscarves and police cars, as activists of the previous generation are surprised. Videos of the protests continuing to emerge (albeit in smaller and slower numbers) show officers shooting protesters, but young people returned to the streets facing bullets, tear gas, and arrests even in Babol and Amol in Mazandaran province the next day. Dozens of protesters were killed. Another element, Mahmoud Amiri Moghaddam of Iran Human Rights notes, appears to be low morale for security agents. In some of the videos, you can see them deciding to retire. And in Tehran, on Friday night, the crowd cheered after their refusal. Although yesterday was the first day of the academic year, many Tehran universities announced that the first week of classes will be held remotely.

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Preventive arrests

The authorities are trying to stifle the protest with preventive arrests, a policy that Judiciary Chief Gholamhossein Mohseni-Eji himself confirmed: Narges Hosseini, one of the Girls on the Path of the Revolution (who protested the veil in 2018), and Nilofar Hamidi ended in turn. In prison, the newspaper reporter east who first wrote about Mahsa Amini. There are hundreds of arrests: 739 of whom are 60 women in Gilan Province alone; In total there are at least 600 Kurds, of whom 100 have been identified by the NGO Hengaw.

Part of the city of Oshnavieh, 40,000 mostly Kurds, on the border with Iraq, will likely end up in the hands of protesters after the police withdrew, but the Revolutionary Guards were sent in to regain control. As the protests spread to Erbil, in Iraqi Kurdistan, with the main slogan of these days, Women, Life, Freedom, the Pasdaran always warn that they have hit Kurdish terrorists on the border with artillery.

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