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“At first I approached Sulli because…”

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Alessandro spills the beans after a Big Brother Vip on his relationship with Sophie and Soleil.

Sophie Codegoni and Alessandro Bacciano I Happier and more in love than ever. In an interview with Chi Weekly, the former adventurer came back to talk about his intense experience at Casa del big brother vip explained to him Attitude also towards Sully Sorge.

The inspiration of Alessandro Bacciano for Soly Sorge

“The first days at home I played a lot because I played the role of the ‘tempter’” I acknowledge Alexander Talking aboutSoleil’s approach The first days at Casa del big brother vip “I got close to Sole, whom I already knew, but we saw each other as friends. It’s normal there is attraction, but you don’t always go above and beyond, in fact our cupid was. Instead, Jessica was drawn to me and I loved her character, but nothing more”.

only goal bachianoHowever, it has always been one thing, and that is victory Sufi: “I entered the house with a desire to look Sophie in the eye to make sure my feelings were correct. She had the same perception as me because when I arrived, she said in confession: ‘He is my prototype of a man.’ I said I wasn’t going to look at her because she was engaged to Gianmaria, but Four days later I announced myself and we were already secretly flirting. At GfVip I felt a strong affection for Sophie, I really wanted to take her and take her away.”.

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to chant him codegony Which was revealed to the weekly magazine directed by Alfonso Signorini: “At GfVip, you always live in contact with someone who knows you in everything, and you create a bond that is impossible to live abroad. In fact it seems to me that I have always been close to Alessandro. When Ale was eliminated, I knew that every corner of the house would talk to me about him, while Alessandro will return to his previous life, where I was not. But I also knew that the imperfection would benefit me. At first I cried, then I got confirmation that I was in love, I felt something strong that I took the belly”.

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