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Asiago Hockey: Tomorrow evening everyone in Hodegart for the return of the ‘classic’ against Bolzano

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It was March 2, 2013more precisely the sixth of Quarter-finals From the championship of the past league (The following year it became Elite A). that evening Altarpiece Hodegart From Asiago It was packed with fans And the Giallorossi snatched a deserved victory that saw them advance to the semi-finals (and then to the Scudetto, who won in overtime at Valpeteci) effectively eliminating the Bolzanowho finished the season and left the Italian league to move to the Austrian League, which was then called EBEL (now ICE Hockey League).

Well, that’s it nowadrenalinethose emotions those sensations They are destined to re-emerge and enjoy the vibrancy because they tomorrow night in 19:45 blackAsiago Hockey will host Competing Historians FromHC Bolzanofor what it promises to be Italy derby like antiquity“.

To live this challenge He lives You can buy me tickets online a this is end to end

allure “BOSS”

Marking what is considered “The Match” in terms of meaning and significance, the legendary Giovanni “Boss” Delay, the historical leader of the Asiago supporters, wanted to make a plea to invite the audience to the stadium. We also join this appeal, which we report on below in the full version, because such a meeting deserves all the support of the Giallorossi people.

The moment is certainly not the best and the classification is clear but Friday 8 years after the last official match of the tournament Asiago Bolzano returns not with a game but the history of the game, the players, the joy and the pain. Personally, I think that the lack of interest shown by many fans so far is related to many factors (continuous increases, changing habits after contracting the virus, family, work, etc.). It is also true that the team does not win and convince, and certain options do not convince, but commitment, desire, sacrifice are never lacking, and they also remind us of the good news of this tournament.

It’s a very beautiful tournament, full of challenges on and off the field, at an absolute level, and it won’t give you anything if you make a mistake. I can also think that our company, due to the limited time in organizing teams, season tickets, tickets, advertising, etc., something was wrong. However, with several sponsors this year, this company also deserves a big thanks for the great economic commitment and the benefits of bringing Asiago hockey to the highest levels of the championship for an Italian team. Having said that I do not want to think that Asiago hockey in spite of everything and all for the sake of Asiago for the plateau and for many fans is no longer concerned with the great risks of throwing away 87 years of history, tradition, social value, friendship, sports culture. Well we want to give a little tick on Friday 21 ALL to the stadium to continue this great adventure called Hockey ASIAGO”

Giovanni “Boss” Delay

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Asiago Hockey vs Bolzano - South Curve - Old Guard Sligar Commando
Dellai (right) with the old guard of Curva Sud


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matches Ice Hockey League It will be broadcast in broadcast live exclusively on

Credit: Asiago Hockey, Serena Fantini

Ice hockey: Asiago Jr. on the pitch in solidarity with the ‘Oli Match’

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