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Apple closed all stores in New York: Here’s why

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the An apple Closed all of its stores in the city of new York. The decision included Ben 11 stores Between Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Staten Island, a procedure similar to what the Cupertino company did in California previously. But in the past, stores would lower the shutter completely.

Now, however, customer entry is prohibited, but it will be possible for all New Yorkers to continue to sort Online Receipt of products from stores according to the company’s website.

Apple closed all stores in New York due to the Omicron variant

At the heart of the closure of Apple Stores in New York is peak cases Covid in the city, which is increasing dramatically due to the spread alternative Omicron. It is not yet clear how long stores will remain closed to the public, but Apple may decide to take other measures to avoid transmission between employees and customers.

Apple closed all stores in New York: precedents and other actions

Already in early 2020, Apple closed all physical stores in the United States as a precaution in the face of the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic abroad. After reopening, the company made available to all customers asewage area and mandatory mask, as it already happens in all activities in Italy.

The obligation to wear a mask isn’t actually active in all areas of the US, but tech apple has mandated two-week use for all people entering stores. Apple employees are also provided on a weekly basis with tampons Free To undergo at home independently.

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At the beginning of December, big tech already ordered the temporary closure of several stores in Annapolis, Miami, Ontario and Ottawa due to the increase in positive cases in COVID is among Apple Store employees, as shown here.

Apple closes stores in New York: Press release on anti-Covid measures

“We check the situation regularly and will approve the new measures Apple said in a statement published on Monday, December 27.

“We remain loyal to our teams’ holistic approach, including Detective Normal With daily health checks, mandatory use of masks, ongoing sanitation and payment of a feeThe benefit of the disease For those who have tested positive for the virus.”

The closing of stores in New York certainly won’t affect the company’s balance sheet. This is how much Apple earns per minute e Here are billionaire earnings from CEO Tim Cook, who took over from Steve Jobs at the helm of Apple.

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