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Announcement coming on February 15th, it’s official

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Capcom in full swing And after releasing a countdown that will end over the weekend, the Osaka house has also updated Resident Evil social profiles to confirm that the announcement will arrive tomorrow.

There is suspicious activity on the Resident Evil portal… which is why all the employees have been so busy lately. Tomorrow at 04:00 PM JST, something is going to happen…we hope you will please.

The scheduled announcement Tuesday, February 15th at 08:00 AM Italian timeWhat can we expect? Lots of hypotheses, from Resident Evil Re: Verse In the Resident Evil 4 remake, going through the DLC content of Resident Evil Village, the choices are many, the certainty is very little. Note the use of the hashtag REBHFun which can be interpreted as “Resident Evil Biohazard Fun“…is something funny coming up?

We’ll find out early tomorrow morningIn the meantime, tell us below what to expect from this Resident Evil reveal, and as always we invite you to keep the hype in check to avoid finding yourself with disappointing expectations.

Anyway this ad It has nothing to do with Capcom’s countdown that ends this weekendIn this case, the reveal should focus on Street Fighter considering the timer has expired Live during the Capcom Cup Final.

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