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Angela’s appearance in the Silent Hill 2 remake is based on concept art drawn by Takayoshi Sato: Let’s see them

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Apparently he criticized a lot Angela’s appearance in the remake of Silent Hill 2 It was neither an idea by the Bloober team nor by the companies the studio turned to to address certain issues with as much attention as possible.

No, the actual design of the tortured character It’s actually based on Takayoshi Sato’s original concept artwhich accurately imagines a woman wearing trousers and a high-necked jacket, with features that do not tend to be excessively thin.

It’s clear that the developers of Silent Hill 2 were the ones who made the changes, perhaps imagining that a character with such a traumatic past should be… A leaner appearance And “worn” compared to Sato’s drawings, which you can see below.

Arguing over nothing?

The clarification was necessary in light of the controversy surrounding the appearance of the new Angela, which many users considered a process aimed at Giving the character a “healthier” appearance. Despite his backstory.

The truth is that instead, absurdly, Bloober Team tried to be more faithful to the concepts of Silent Hill 2 Compared to the original game, documentation and graphics were consulted with the aim of creating the best possible experience rather than simply copying the first version.

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