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An unforgettable high-altitude encounter with a fourteen-year-old fan

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Keanu Reeve is a star with a heart of gold No wonder everyone, young and old, loves him madly. The actor is always kind and helpful with all his fans and on the face from London to New York A 14-year-old boy’s dream came trueFantastic Matrix enthusiast.

meeting with The legendary translator of Neo Told by the same teen Alex Katsanos for ET, the young man wanted to thank his idol for all the patience with which he answered all his questions, despite getting tired of the long journey he’s been on.

“When they called us on the plane the first time, I was sure I’d seen him, but he got on the plane too quickly, and I lost track of him. All the way from London, I just thought, ‘What if it was?’” what should I say? What should I make him sign? I didn’t know what to do.

The little boy found it after a careful search on the internet Keanu Reeves was in London for the Formula 1 Grand Prix At the beginning of July, he got brave and after tore off a piece of paper, he went to his idol to ask him for an autograph.

“It was a really normal conversation. He was so cute We had a great conversation for 10 minutes while we were waiting for our bags. I still can’t believe that I not only got the chance to see him, but also had the chance to chat with him and even get his autograph. This is a once in a lifetime thing and it was amazing.”

a few days ago Keanu Reeves was spotted in Bologna Until then The actor proved more than helpful with one of his fans. This must be admitted, being like this is more unique than rare!

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