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“An important moment for Canada, the European Union and our allies”

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Addressing the MEPs, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stressed that NATO and the EU are more determined and united than ever and that pressure on Putin must be increased. Starting the debate on Wednesday afternoon, The Roberta Metzola, Speaker of ParliamentHe said that

Canada is a valued partner and partner of the European Union. “Our relationship is a test of time,” he said. In the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, President Metzola stressed the joint commitment of the European Union and Canada and said shared core values ​​were under attack. “It’s time for our generation to adapt to the world we live in,” he added.
In his speech, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned “sovereignty, free democracy: Putin’s criminal invasion of Ukraine.”
“Vladimir Putin has violated the most basic provisions of international law. Now he is bombing hospitals and residential buildings and killing innocent civilians. This blatant disregard for law and human life is the greatest threat to Europe and the world.” , He said. .
“Canada, the European Union and all our allies and allies are facing a crucial moment. We can not fail. We must live up to this moment. Putin thought democracy could weaken. He thought it could weaken the EU and NATO. The EU is now more determined and united than ever before, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.” We can not deceive Ukraine. They trust us. , Increase the pressure as much as possible.

During the debate, the MEPs stressed the importance of Atlantic maritime unity and called for further sanctions against Russia. They say there is a price to be paid for defending democracy, but the cost of not defending it is high. MEPs stressed the importance of green change and energy independence, which is important not only in the fight against climate change, but also in ensuring security and stability in Europe.
Others have called for more investment in strategic cooperation with partners such as defense and Canada. Europe must build a strong military pillar within NATO and fulfill its financial obligations to the Alliance. MEPs also highlighted the mass exodus of refugees from Ukraine and welcomed Canada’s decision to expel an unlimited number of people from the invasion.

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