Home sport “An important departure. We want to restore prestige to football in the city.”

“An important departure. We want to restore prestige to football in the city.”

“An important departure. We want to restore prestige to football in the city.”

The start of the season was really convincing. Four wins out of four in the league and shared the top spot with Pomezia. SSA Rieti did not pay the price for this class, on the contrary, Mr. Angelone’s team started very strongly, scoring points and performing great. Here are the words of an Amarantuccelesti technician.

Perfect start: 12 points in 4 games, best offense and second best defence. Did you expect that?

“The team is brand new. Fortunately the boys made themselves available and it was possible to integrate the group and get the start we had. From day one they started listening with the right humility and we were able to get off to a good start.”

At the beginning of the tournament, there is a race between two horses with Pomezia. Do you fear that any other team will reach the top positions?

“It’s too early to say. It’s also difficult to make predictions about the end of the tournament because there is a December transfer market where teams can strengthen themselves. Of course there are teams that are better equipped, at the moment Pomezia has the superior team. “Then there are other teams, including us. , can cause trouble. But I repeat, it is too early to say, we are still in the second leg, and the stadium will determine who will trouble Pomezia until the end.”

What goals does SSA Rieti have?

“When I met the president we said to each other ‘We have to create a team to excel’. But in any case the first goal was salvation, because we did not know what impact it could have on the championship. “Little by little, what can be done will be done to stay in Certain centers. And also to bring some football back to Rieti. It’s a place that needs enthusiasm again, which is why it was important to start well. “Now we already have a thousand fans in the stands. We are thinking match by match, training and always giving our best. We must bring back the sparkle of football in the city.”

A high-level match against Camps Euro on Sunday..

“Yes, they are the team with the best defense and they score with different players. They are in a good position on the pitch: they get close and start to counter-attack. We have to play a cautious game, we have to play an intelligent game.” Because otherwise we risk leaving spaces, it will be a difficult match.”


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