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An electric motor inside the wheel? Aptera takes care of it, and efficiency is the record

An electric motor inside the wheel?  Aptera takes care of it, and efficiency is the record

Lightyear and Elaphe are teaming up to create engines that fit into wheels, and efficiency is a record thanks to this solution.

Abira electric motor – Motori.News

a cooperation between the’Dutch car company Lightyear and the Elaphe Companyfamous Solution with the electric carswill lead to a important turning point. They want to put themselves a drive on each wheeland talk about it Efficiency record-breaking. Today we are still alive a testbut, yes They will be closing soon, and they will tell us if the project is going forward. six The tests will be successfulthen Elaphe We will think about it Create motors on wheelsFrom Accommodation then on new light year.

Let’s get to know these two companies better

there Dutch car company Light yearin fact it is one start famous for making light year 0. car one sedan with solar panelsWhich was introduced a while ago and it is already became famous. But the idea was Improve battery efficiencyso he thought this project. the mountain Batteries on wheelsWorks on giving More energya little as for example Porsche for performance help Of which Porsche 911 GT. Obviously from German Houseit’s a Completely different project.

drive in wheel
New collaboration leads to an important turning point – Motori.news

Elaphe it’s a the society which deal with To achieve fully electric thrusters. I was born to be one Zero Emission MobilityThat’s why she said right away Ready for this new trick. L ‘The goal is to improve engine efficiency by 97%.To do so, he signed an agreement with new provider. The new material supplier is Aberawhich has even allowed to work In the hippiein their possession Factories in Slovenia.

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What is the project site?

there Dutch startup I mentioned that I The results achieved so far I really excellentI technicians I am very Satisfied with the four wheel drive motorsOn the light year 0. Even the sedan Coming into production soon In the company’s existing factory Finlandobviously with me classic electric motors. The first customers must be Satisfied between the end of 2022 and theearly 2023. there hopefull It is success Use this technologyeven in cars of the future subordinate Light year.

Show light year
Another photo of Lightyear 0 ready to enter the future – Motori.news

Obviously the car It will not be mass-producedThey will find themselves alone 946 unitsAnd the We will get a Minimum price 250,000 euros. Experts say there will be The most efficient electric car everand has Ultra low consumption, compared to others in its class. The Solar panels that mount to rechargeat least in not very long stretches, they describe it as a car Truly Zero Emissions. So let’s wait to see it live, and really describe the conclusions.