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Amazon Prime Video Releases New Action Movie “Wrath of Man” With Jason Statham

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A few days ago, the trailer, which was posted as usual on Youtube, was anticipating its release. Launching just before the new year, Amazon Prime is the fourth collaboration between director Guy Ritchie and action star Jason Statham: Wrath of Man.

Angry Man Frame –

exclusive Amazon Prime Even if the movie is a kind of French movie remake TransporterDirected by Nicholas Beau Autumn and released in theaters in 2004. After Lock & Stock (Unleashed Madness in 1998), superhero films Snatch (2000) and Revolver (in 2005), dynamic duo Ritchie-Statham hopes to replicate the success of previous films, And maybe go further.

Happy Accident, Richie and Statham: Together again after fifteen years

Amazon Prime 20211227 Simage
The Wrath of man is an Amazon Prime exclusive – Adobe Stock

Guy Ritchie called it “happy accidentHaving been able to work alongside Jason Statham again, more than 15 years after their last collaboration. They come together in the new thriller, starring Statham, 54, as the mysterious character “H,” who joins a security company Based in Los Angeles, after being targeted in an attempted robbery at gunpoint, he revealed his combat skills.

I’ve always been a perfect friend of JasonRichie, 53, explained of his “reunion” with Statham. “I’ve always seen him over the years” – The British director, screenwriter and film producer explains, in excerpts from an interview with the Palestinian News Agency: “We worked on the script together, and who else could run it. In hindsight, I’m still wondering who could have played that role, so it was a happy accident as far as I’m concerned.“.

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Thinking about their relationship since they first worked together Lock, storage and two smoke barrels, the 53-year-old Hatfield recalled: “It’s been at least 22 years since we made the first movie. It is a big leap – jokes – 22 years old, right? It doesn’t look like I’ve changed, I’m getting fatter… and except for this, everything remains the same as before“.

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Richie E Statham Both have had successful careers, with the latter starring in action movie franchises expendable e The Fast and the Furious: “He sure made the first few movies with me – Glorified by the English director – But since then, it has become very difficult to maintain a career in the direction it has taken, and unfortunately you must take credit for it.“.

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