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Alternative therapies for members of the LGBTQ + community will be banned in Canada

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By Mariana Crossi

A step forward towards admission, towards the normalization of a thousand shades of love. In CanadaOn December 1, a law was unanimously approved Prohibits alternative therapies. The Canadian Parliament is the first step towards the abolition of inhumane practices. In fact, it is also called alternative therapy ‘Restoration’ or ‘Sexual Restoration’, Is a pseudo-scientific practice aimed at changing a person’s sexual orientation from the original homosexual to the opposite sex or removing (or reducing) his or her homosexual desires and behaviors.

We are all born straight and homosexuality is based on belief (denied by the World Health Organization in 1990) A diseaseThe ‘solution’ proposed by those who share this idea, triggered by environmental alignment or family trauma, is nothing short of absurd: trying to change a person’s gender identity and sexual orientation by seeking Prayers, exorcisms, hypnosis, hormones, electric shocks, beatings, food shortages. Because sadly even today homosexuality is often considered a pathological, misguided one. Should be conducted instead of being accepted in its natural state.

If it passes the Senate, the new law in Canada will make it illegal to include children or adults who do not consent to these practices. Consensus of the House of Commons Canadian, this approval provoked public applause. And they cause many, as they eliminate unsubstantiated and highly harmful practices Shock And thisThe risk of suicide increased Among those who suffer from it, it is generally a step forward for human civilization. Despite being widely discredited by health professionals worldwide, alternative therapies still exist Legal in many parts of the world: in at least 68 states, According to a recent United Nations report, some versions of the transformation process are yet to come Performed in all countries. In Italy, For example, are not illegal because the so-called bill should be abolished. Alternative therapy It was never discussed. In this sense, the only attempt was made in 2016 Sergio Lo Quetz, A former parliamentarian and former president of the RCK, who has always been at the forefront of civil rights, and anyone who adheres to these treatments could face up to two years in prison and a fine of between 10,000 and 50,000 euros.

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The pretext for ensuring that the bill was not debated was similar to many legal initiatives against the LGBT community (the most sensational case today is the John Bill case): That is not a priority. “It’s funny who says it’s not a priority, because what’s a priority if it does not protect minors from interventions that are considered not only ineffective, but also detrimental to their mental health?”, He said in an interview.Huffington Post. The practices are actually banned by the National Psychological Commission and the Italian Psychological Association. But is this enough to suppress this phenomenon? Obviously not.

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