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Alpine Hockey League, between Asiago and Jesenice, snatch first point in the final – FISG

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After playing two games, the final series. The Alpine Hockey League “top five” tied 1:1. After Migross Supermercati Asiago Hockey’s initial 4:1, HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice responded with a 4:3 win in overtime on Tuesday. The Third Final Challenge will take place on Thursday at 20:30 in Asiago. will broadcast the comparison live.

Alpine Hockey League | 14.02.2022 | Playoff – Final Race 3:

Thursday, 04.04.2022, 20:30: Migross Asiago Hockey Supermarkets – HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice

Referees: HOLZER T., MOSCHEN, De Zordo, Puff. >> Live on Valcome.TV <

SIJ Acroni Jesnice HDD made the final series very exciting on Tuesday in front of over 2,200 spectators. After 49 seconds of extra time, Finn Gispiri Vikila scored the winning goal for the Slovenes in Powerplay. In this way, not only did the Red Steelers draw the series 1:1 at the end of their comeback, they managed to cheer for the first time during the Alpine Final. But in Asiago, the Italian champions are again the favorites. So far this season, the Superstars have won two of their three home games against Jesenice. However, if we expand the view to include distant precedents, Venice has won only 5 of its last 10 home matches against the Slovenes. Jesenice, however, has a very mixed trajectory in these qualifiers. Of the five away matches he played during the post-season, the Balkans have scored only two victories so far. The third game of the final series, scheduled for Thursday, at the Odegarh Stadium, will be broadcast live on and will determine who can aspire to this Saturday, in Jesenice, to win the Alpine title. Otherwise, Race 5 is scheduled for next Tuesday, again in Asiago. The series of finals, however, is very intense and fought. It could be said, at the moment, that the third half of the first two matches was very important. In the first match, Asiago once and for all separated the opponents from the final 4:1 while in the second match Jesenice tied at 52 with Scap (3:3) and then, as mentioned, overtime overtime in supremacy.

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Striker Michel Marchetti, author of the Moment 3: 2 in Jesenice, analyzes the match against the Slovenes: “SWe are a bit bitter about how the second race will end. Although we showed something more, we also paid for some defensive naivety in the most important moments of the match. Now let’s reset everything and start from the beginning. I can say that the opponents are very stubborn and have a lot of talent in attack but in the end nothing I can really envy. Definitely a deep respect for what they’re doing in this final. However, I think Asiago should be very compact in the back and very tangible in attack. There is no turning back in 60 minutes of play because Jesenice is always consistent and able to take advantage of every neglect we have. And above all, on our part, to create a lot of rhythm. “

Cover photo Domen Jancic / M24

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