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All the “secrets” during: how to calculate it

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Word are going, an acronym for International Bank Account Number, has been in the public domain for years, since 2008, when it was introduced into the financial world. Everyone knows this term, but there are many people who do not know the exact purpose of this tool. It is a unique code for each checking account that identifies their own account Bank account details International and the primary means of making remittances. The IBAN in Italy is 27 alphanumeric characters long, but in some countries it also reaches a maximum of 34 characters. Banks can easily check checking account details thanks to the features and information provided by Iban itself.

How is it formed?

The 27 characters are divided as follows: the first two characters allow you to understand the country in which the checking account is active. In Italy, the abbreviation is IT. The two numbers that follow, on the other hand, are CIN and act as control code. The letter after that denotes the Italian CIN number and precedes the five digits of the ABI, this is the reference bank. Five more numbers to follow represent the CAB, the bank code, which identifies the branch in which the checking account was opened. The last twelve digits are those of the account itself, with a string of zeros added if the account digits are less than twelve.

How to write an IBAN code?

If you have all the useful information, you can get the IBAN code directly. Obviously, you need to know the checking account details, CIN and CAB tokens. employment Internet There are some specific programs that allow the ability to calculate an IBAN online. Here is an example: Calculator during

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What is the BIC code?

Another acronym that often occurs when we talk about checking accounts and payments is BIC, short for Bank ID, is an eight- to eleven-character code that is used for international money transfers. To find out your BIC code, simply contact your bank.

During the postal book

Even those who have an open account with Italian Post He owns the IBAN code, which is mentioned in the contract signed by the customer. This type of account is always provided for pension or salary credit and for deduction of services and utilities such as electricity and gas.

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