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All Lucca Comics Awards 2022 Winners – Lo Spazio Bianco

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Yesterday evening, October 29, I Luca Comics Awards 2022.

The festival collaborator was present on this year’s awards jury dario dino wellJournalists and critics Bruno Lovera And the Mara Famolaro and authors Werther of the Ivy And the Miguel Villa.

Here are the winners divided into the Gran Guinigi and the Yellow Kids Awards

Great Genigi

Best Short Film or Compilation:
Kafka’s NightmaresWritten by Peter Cooper (Tonoy)

best series:
Kuzma and the legendby Nicola Zurlo e Vincenzo Velosa (Coconino Press)

best drawing:
Gayle Jenner for Le Jardin, Paris (star comics)

Best scenario:
R. Kiko Johnson for no body else (Coconino Press)

Editorial Initiative – Stefano Bini Award:
La Revue Dessinée Italy

Editorial Initiative – Stefano Bini Award:
comics and sciencefrom CNR Edizioni / Feltrinelli Comics

Best newcomer:
Georgia Kelly for a stranger anger (Rizzoli Lizard)

Special Jury Prize:
monstersWritten by Barry Windsor Smith (Mondadori Oscar ink)

yellow baby

general comedy:
HellBy Yeon Sang-ho and Choi Kyu-sok (panini cartoons)

Author of the year:
Paco Roca for Back to Aden (Tonoy)

Master of Comics Award – which will provide the opportunity to create a self-portrait that will be displayed in the permanent collection of Uffizi Gallery, at the exhibition “Comics in Museums | Self-portraits of the Uffizi ‘curated by Mattia Morandi and Chiara Palmieri – commissioned this year equally Ryoko Ikeda And the Milo Manara.

Here is a gallery of the evening and winners, created by Rachel Pazzoli:

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