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All colors of football unite to greet Senissa

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At Mihailović’s funeral, a crowd of fans fill half of the Piazza della Repubblica. Applause and cheers with friends and colleagues throughout life, without distinction in football doctrine

Alessandro Luna

They were more of those than Lazio Flags and scarves saluted one last time Sinisa Mihajlovic This morning in Rome, in the Republic Square. But there were also many symbols of Bologna, some of Sampdoria, Fiorentina and even Roma, the team that in 1992 brought to Italy that incredible talent who had just won the Champions League with the Red Star in Belgrade and who, a few years later, would become the flag and symbol of the team’s main rival in The capital is Lazio. Omari’s friends and colleagues passed in front of a crowd of fans that half filled the Piazza de la Repubblica, where they were greeted with loud applause without distinction of football faith or team affiliation.. Football fans with scarves or a Lazio flag applauding Totti and De Rossi as they leave the square followed by Mayor Gualtieri, Lazio fans calling him “Bruno!” As the former Roma Conte player leaves the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli. At last they approached the entrance of the chapel to see the members of the Lazio team and its management, who came out moved and slightly embarrassed by the moment, accustomed to smiling and jubilant before those who called them and forced instead, on this occasion, to confine themselves to a few silent gestures. Then Lotito, Baresi, Liverani, Tari, Mancini. And at the end, as the box is emptied, the chorus “And if Sinisa pulls the goal…”, the goal that Lazio curved to emphasize Mihajlović’s free-kick accuracy, at which he was a master.

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