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Alfa Romeo, Giulia and Stelvio recalled due to fire hazards

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Forms Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio She received a summons for security reasons within the territory of the United States of America. over there National Highway Safety Administration Already posted an official notice regarding 11,500 cars produced between 2020 and 2021, Which will have to be checked to avoid the possibility of fires.

In fact, due to fuel leaks observed on some models, a failure-prone Alfa Romeos would have a greater fire risk. The automaker learned about the defect in Italy in October, and the supplier found there were six groups to check. Drivers of affected Alfa Romeos may notice the problem by “sniffing” the fuel while the engines are running. Moreover, in the event of a malfunction, the performance of vehicles can decrease.

As of November 4, the brand was aware of one customer service claim, eight warranty claims, and there were no reports of accidents or injuries. Alfa Romeo dealers will inspect and replace components as soon as the owner’s notice letters are sent, i.e. on January 1, 2022.

In the past, other models of the FCA group have suffered similar failures. In 2016, Jeep recalled several cars due to a problem that occurred in the assembly of the so-called fuel rail (the tube that carries gasoline to the injectors). Recently, the Alfa Romeo Giulia model was recalled again, for at least a hundred units distributed in the United States, due to incorrect tire installation. Finally, last May, Julia Stelvio was also recalled due to a possible defect in the ABS system. In total, three recalls were recorded in the United States during 2021. It is not yet clear whether the “fuel line” problem will affect models sold in Europe.

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