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triest \ aise \ The twelfth edition of Trieste Next-Scientific Research Festival.
Also promoted this year by the Municipality of Trieste, University of Trieste, ItalyPost, sponsored by Goodnet Territori in Rete and created in active collaboration with all institutions of the Trieste City of Knowledge, the 2023 edition of the festival will be titled “new world. Science, culture and innovation for a sustainable future“.
“Since its first edition, Trieste Next has chosen to address the main issues of scientific and cultural debate, from food to water, from energy to the relationship between man and technology up to the topic of sustainability,” the promoters of the event declare. “The twelfth edition will be an opportunity to set the scientific agenda for the coming years, propose new ideas that look at the changes needed for a more sustainable world, and work in synergy with scientific disciplines, which can help achieve this goal. As always, great guests are expected. and advocates of STEM disciplines, as well as humanities and social sciences in Trieste.”
This year Next holds a special meaning for the University of Trieste, which in 2024 will celebrate its centenary: anticipates the university’s contribution to the 2023 edition of the rich calendar of scheduled events.
Like last season, this year the festival’s promoters confirm once again the goal of talking about science and innovation thanks to a rich calendar of face-to-face meetings, ensuring contact in live broadcasts for those who cannot follow them. person in Trieste.
Not only that: now recognized among the main national events for scholarly publishing, the promoters of Trieste Next assure that this year the festival will also present an international profile: “The rich program in Italian is accompanied by a meeting schedule taught in English, with a focus on artificial / robotic intelligence and biotechnology and medical sciences. We are ready to welcome researchers from all over Europe to the city, who will join the many doctoral students and students who come to Trieste every year from all over Italy to take part in the festival.”
Therefore, three days of talks, conferences, seminars and workshops have been scheduled for Trieste Next. From September 22 to 24, scientific experiments and laboratories will also return in the Piazza Unità d’Italia, managed by the City of Trieste Foundations for Knowledge, which will be dedicated to the morning of Friday the 22nd after the great success of the previous editions. September to regional primary and secondary. (aise)

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