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Agar-Aliasim and Fernandez were named the best Canadians of 2021

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The first confirmations of Novak Djokovic’s position are beginning to emerge from the Australian outfield: The 20-time Grand Slam champion has decided to skip the ATP Cup, which starts on January 1 in Sydney.. Jelena Medic from the Serbian website Flick Sport In fact, he writes that the Knol team will lose the match.Al 99%. The Australian Open series is yet to be confirmed, Despite medical speculation that a decision should be made by the end of this year.

These are the words of a source close to the player: “99% Novak is not going to play ATP [Cup]. He is in training but has decided to skip this match“. Djokovic is currently in Belgrade, where he celebrates Christmas with his family and participates in the duties of his foundation.

As for Happy Slam, this result can be explained in many ways. Of course, This decision could only provoke a certain pessimism about his participation or at least shed light on a decision that will still be weighed down by the nine-time winner at the Australian Open, whose vaccine status remains unknown.; The fact that even the tournament organizers do not know what the Belgrade champion will do proves that this is a very difficult decision.

Initially, the Sydney office referred to non-vaccinated players as “running holes” to participate in the Australian Open. Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison He really suggested The state of New South Wales could have applied for medical exemption for veterans in question if they had accepted the 14-day isolation (rule in both states provides for those who have not completed this type of isolation. Vaccine cycle: link here To Victoria And here it is To New South Wales)

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That solution was immediately rejected by the Prime Minister of Victoria. Daniel Andrews, This closed the door for these types of temporary solutions (Some players will participate in the competition due to the exception, but will only follow the decision of an independent authority). In addition, since the ATP file will start on January 1st, technical times are not as clear as they are today.

Djokovic, on the other hand, prepared for a different 2021 Grand Slam campaign in different ways: he played in Australia two weeks after isolating the ATP Cup, winning two of the two matches the week before Major (with eight wins in his career, eight wins in the tournament, singles); The week before Roland Garros, he won at Belgrade 2, while he only played twice at Mallorca before Wimbledon and never played before the US Open. For this reason, The fact that you have not played before Melbourne does not indicate from the programming side.

So there will be Serbia ATP file creation Philip Krajinovich, Dusan Lazovic, Matej Sabanov, Nikola Kasik e Nikola Milojevic. And according to Blic Sport, the captain of choice is not even there Victor Troki Flying down.

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