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“Against Romania I want to give continuity to the way the game is played” – OA Sport

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The Italian national under-21 football team will be on stage tomorrow afternoon at ‘Benito Stirpe’ in Frosinone for a friendly match scheduled for 5.30pm against Romania.. The Azzurri’s attention will inevitably turn to the European qualifying round, with Sweden leading the group that hosts the Republic of Ireland.

In the Italian house we wish a “gift” from the Irish, but Paolo Nicolato He does not want to think too much about what the others will do, calling for the utmost focus on the challenge against the Romans: “For someone who comes from the third category like me, there are never friends. I believe in work and that every moment is the moment to manifest and improve one’s qualities. He may then find us going in different situations than you thought, but time is not wasted, it only passes once, and that too for the boys, within their means, because we must also understand, and evaluate tomorrow’s performance. With great interest without being affected by the results; It is a situation that creates opportunities, and opportunities must be seizedThe words of the Italian coach.

Against Romania, I intend to continue with the same technical-tactical system, it will be necessary to see if the same things will work, but the idea is to give continuity in behavior and philosophy, certainly with new players. What I expect is to be in trouble, because I’m going to put them in trouble. Of course I know from experience that by putting so many new players on the field you also risk some foolishness, but now I am interested in seeing the players and giving the boys the opportunity to let the ground speak. This is the main thingU21 coach added (Source: Figc).

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